Woman Accidentally Parallel Parks Classic Mercedes-Benz on top of Ferrari 458 Speciale

I was trying to explain what it is like to live in Northern Virginia and one incident came to mind–being in a traffic jam on I-66 because someone driving a Tesla rear-ended a Lexus.

And while I don’t know whether or not the incident involved texting, a lot of incidents in the NoVA area involve texting.

Right after I told that story, this story came up on my newsfeed.  A woman in a classic Mercedes-Benz accidentally parallel parked on top of a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

A Ferrari 458 Speciale is a ~$300,000 car.

Ferrari 458 Speciale car

If anyone would like to purchase me one, I am taking donations.

According to the article in Speed Society:

While we are not saying that expensive cars have more of a right to safety on the road, we would recommend extra caution at a car person gathering because nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to pay for the repair or replacement of a car that’s worth more than your average house.

This time, however, we check out exactly that situation as this woman driving her Mercedes-Benz backs right over the hood of a Ferrari 458 Speciale, a car that can reach out and almost touch $300,000.

What the article doesn’t mention is that this took place at Katie’s Coffee–a place known in the area for welcoming classic/expensive cars.  It’s only open on Saturdays and is part of the Brogue Inn.

The car meet-ups start really early, and I love what their website says about them:

TL; DR: We don’t want to hear ANY “OMGITSSOOOOEARLY†or any of that whiney crap – just set your alarm, suck it up and get down there!

So in this case, the two really expensive cars being in a crash was less chance, more circumstance.  (Unlike the Tesla/Lexus/MB/BMW  crashes all over I-66).

But if you look at the video, you may find yourself questioning how this particular maneuver was possible.

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  1. I was on 66 around Manassas and somebody pulled from the other lane just like I wasn’t there. They rolled up my passenger side fender. I guess because my car is higher (most are) they almost tipped before they could actually drive across the hood.

    Even as a gift I wouldn’t want the insurance or property tax on the 458.

    It looks like the Mercedes pulled in. There was a Seinfeld episode on pulling into a spot vs backing in.

  2. With all those people around… just pick it up and move it off the car. Simple.

  3. I love her plate (“HER BNZ”)

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