Zac Posen’s Designs for Delta Flight Attendants Are More Sexy, Less Practical

Zac Posen is responsible for redesigning the Delta uniforms that are being released in 2018.

Yes, this Zac Posen.


But his designs, apparently, haven’t been very practical so far.

From Page Six:

But sources tell us that Delta has rejected a series of Posen’s early designs because they are too fabulous, fussy and fitted. One source told us, “They are stuck in the design stage because his designs are not deemed to be practical for the flight attendants. The attendants need to be comfortable and wear the uniforms for long periods of time. His designs look great, even sexy, but are restrictive and don’t work for all sizes and ages.â€

The source continued, “Zac has submitted multiple designs and, while they are gorgeous, they’re not entirely practical.

There are no previews of his designs because they’ve apparently been kept very secret.

The uniforms are releasing in 2018, but Delta is doing wear and tear testing before then–so keep your eyes open for any unusual uniform (and feel free to send pictures to me!)

The testing will take place towards the end of 2016 into 2017.

My guess is they’ll continue to refine the designs to balance fashion with practicality.

Meanwhile, here are some vintage flight attendant uniforms that may not have been on the practical side either.

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