Why I Always Return to Vegas

I get asked a lot why I go to Vegas pretty often.  I’m definitely not a heavy gambler, and I basically play the penny slots as if they are an iPad game.

I like to have a good time drinking wise, but not a Vegas amount of drinking.

So why do I go?

First of all, there’s a way to do Vegas cheap.  Drinks can be found pretty cheap around the strip.

Second, the weather is usually great which means pool time.  Anywhere from the classy pool at the Four Seasons, to the Bare Lounge I went to at the Mirage (clothing optional).

Thirdly, time does not exist in Vegas.  Seriously, unless you are going to shows, no one is going to hold you to a schedule.  Dinner is whenever you decide it is.  Drinks?  Anytime!

For someone with my personality type, having time erase is a true vacation.

So, I love traveling to Vegas and having time just disappear, pull up at the pool, and run around drinking and eating great food at low prices.

Interested in Vegas?

Vegas: What to See, What to Avoid


For deals on traveling to Vegas and for deals once you are there, check out Vegas.com.  They have a great deal section on their site!

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  1. Great post! You summed up Vegas well: cheap drinks, great weather, and the non-existence of time. That’s why we live here! 🙂

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