Finally Getting Enjoy Anticipating a Trip Post All the Planning

I’m a pretty easy going traveler, but the last trip I planned that stressed me out was a trip to Paris with my mom.

It stressed me out in a good way in that I wanted it to be perfect for my mother.  And I knew with enough planning, I could come up with amazing experiences plus contingencies for most situations.

And it paid off.



It was an amazing experience.

I’m now going on a trip with my parents and husband.  We’re going to five destinations over two weeks, and I’m combining points, miles, and cash in creative ways to make the trip happen.

I have charts that basically look like one of those murder suspect charts that detectives make (at least in TV shows).

I had to track whose tickets are points, whose are cash, who is tied to whom, what upgrades I need to watch for, which rooms are points, cash & points, cash…. and how much everything cost.

Then I suddenly remembered we needed a rental car for a short period of time.


I also have been gardening the reservations.  Switching my hotel reservations when the price drops.  And now we are just about to take the trip.

And everything is set and fine.

And I can breathe.

And finally–I can look forward to the trip.  And I’m really excited about it.  And part of what allows me to be excited is how crazy I get over these reservations because I have the comfort of knowing there are so many back-up plans.

I can’t wait to spend two weeks with my family!

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