The GrubHub / Game of Thrones Promotion Falls a Little Awkwardly Flat

I’m a customer of Grubhub.  They are what I use when I’m guilty of ordering a little too much take out.

Despite already making a light dinner, I was intrigued by the Game of Thrones promo email they sent me.

game of thrones food

Here’s what they promised:

Grubhub has joined forces with HBO NOW to pair your favorite food with your favorite shows. We’ve put together lists of the best eats in your area that go perfectly with your HBO favorites. Order this week and you can feast on the best of Westeros, along with many more inspired cuisines for this premiere weekend!

Well.  That sounds pretty cool to me.  So I clicked on the link to find out some Game of Thrones themed food in my area.


Game of thrones grub hub

Their Game of Thrones suggestion in our area was TGI Fridays.

I couldn’t figure out a reason until a reader piped in on Twitter*.

I had tweeted 1. The show isn’t even on Friday!  And 2.  … what?!

His response?



*We do not actually believe this and do no believe any slander towards TGI Fridays.  In fact, I’ve eaten there recently.

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  1. My first thought was, wow, TGI Friday’s is still around?

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