I’m on a Plane (I Can’t Complain)

What happens when you ask your wife if there’s anything you can do to help and she says yes, post on the blog.  A guest post from Dr. Bill.

One of my favorite times being on a plane is when circumstances force me to spend a few hours away from my beloved Internet (sorry, Gogo…). This is a time where I can dig out the old papers and think about stuff for my book manuscript and other things.

I’m writing a book on paternalism that is based on my doctoral dissertation from when I was a PhD student in philosophy at Tulane. I’m sure you all have already read it, but for those who haven’t, the gist of the tome is that people should have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit provided they don’t wrong others in the process. That may sound like an easy thesis to defend, but you’d be surprised how controversial it is, and how many arguments one needs to address!

Anyway. Altitude, when combined with some airplane Bloody Marys can make for some good manuscript editing. Some Mrs. T’s brand bloody mix combined with Tito’s vodka make for a nice companion to a few hours alone with the written word. (Disclosure: I am not a spokesperson for either company, but they are welcome to contact me.) There was that link about how Bloody Marys taste better in the air.

Perhaps the best thing is that I’ve yet to have a fellow passenger ask me what I’m working on. If I had to explain it, that would take up most of the flight, and it would be like Ted Striker telling stories.

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