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Awesome Flight Simulator Streamer to Follow

a screenshot of a video game

I’ve been following this streamer for a few years now and he’s been growing in popularity. 757spy streams his flight simulator while talking through his process and explaining the airplanes and airports he encounters.  He’s really knowledgeable and is fascinating to listen to. If you are an #avgeek like me, …

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Final Fantasy XV on Sale for $35 on Both Xbox and PS

a group of people standing in front of a large fire

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV and it is a great game so far.  I got it at full price, but today, the price dropped down to $35 on Amazon. FFXV is very different from the old Final Fantasy games, which I like better.  The old style (which some prefer), …

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Now Streaming on Twitch: Fable Anniversary

a rainbow colored pixelated aliens

For those who haven’t guessed yet–I love video games.  Lately, some friends have suggested I hop on Twitch since I’m gaming anyway. I tried it out a few times just with a few friends, and it’s so much fun.  It’s like playing video games in college with your friends in …

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