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The Time My Bum Wouldn’t Fit on the Hotel Toilet

Google Photos has a great feature.  It reminds you what happened a year ago. (You can find my guide to how Google Photos helps travelers here). Well, usually a great feature.  Yesterday, Google Photos reminded me that the greatest moment of my life happened one year ago. When my butt …

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Let’s Talk about Toilets for a Minute

Yesterday, Pizza in Motion tweeted a photo of a toilet seat that came equipped with sensors. No, I’m really not sure what the sensors are for. Fill in the blanks! https://t.co/eJhV8kcL0R pic.twitter.com/MjYCYu9jlE — Edward Pizzarello (@pizzainmotion) January 7, 2016 While I’m also not sure what the sensors are for, it brought to …

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What Was Actually Wrong with the Bathroom

So yesterday I posted this picture and asked everyone for their guesses as to what’s wrong with the bathroom. For context, this picture was taken at the Grand Hyatt in NYC. And here are the guesses: (the answer will be revealed after them) Ron Korte Submitted on 2015/11/05 at 8:09 …

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New Technology Meets In-Flight Toilets

Ever have a delay (or even cancellation) due to toilet issues on the airplane? This is because airplane toilets are really complicated to replace. The toilets are one large component, so the entire piece must be replaced–even for minor issues. But Skrift.com has the scoop on a new form of …

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Cake in the Ass. and Other Russian Tidbits

Reporters arriving at Sochi have been tweeting astonishing photos of the conditions in their hotel rooms.  View from the Wing linked to quite a few of them. But there are a few things that I’ve seen on twitter that have made me go, “Ah, you haven’t been to Russia before!” …

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Finding a Motherload in the Airline Loo

When you hear someone mention someone forgot to flush their “treasure” down the toilet, usually that’s a euphemism. In this case, a treasure trove was literally found in the toilet on a Flydubai plane. According to Time Magazine’s website: “Last week, an aircraft cleaning crew found 280 gold bars worth …

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