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Hints Released About the Next Star MegaDO

In a post about its new 501c(3) status, the Frequent Traveler Educational Foundation released a hint about the next StarMegaDO: The next event is the Star MegaDO5 which will go on sale late May. For those not familiar with the MegaDO, it is a really fun event where you travel …

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The List’s Coverage of the Dreamliner

Conor Knighton of the TV show The List came along on the flight of United’s brand new 787 Dreamliner. He does a good job of explaining the plane, at some point, describing it as a tube of plastic :P  (It actually makes sense!) If you look closely, you can catch …

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Checking out the Brand New 787 Dreamliner!

I know I gave you a preview of the Dreamliner in an earlier post—I was too excited to wait!  But I figured I would go more in-depth about my experience in United’s newest addition to their fleet. We arrived at the San Francisco airport (SFO) with a huge crowd of people also …

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