Hints Released About the Next Star MegaDO

In a post about its new 501c(3) status, the Frequent Traveler Educational Foundation released a hint about the next StarMegaDO:

The next event is the Star MegaDO5 which will go on sale late May.

For those not familiar with the MegaDO, it is a really fun event where you travel around in a plane with a bunch of travelers just as crazy (or MORE crazy) about travel. 

Keri and I went on the last Star MegaDO, and it was a blast.

We flew around on the 787 Dreamliner. 

Here’s Keri’s look at it. 

An explanation of the MegaDO plus some MilepointTV coverage of the event.

We got to meet Captain Denny.

A Q&A With Jeff Smisek, United’s CEO

A Roundup of Links About the Last MegaDO

Our Experience Plating (and eating!) Airplane Food — Spoiler, it was actually tasty!

And that’s where we met the third half of Heels First!

Probably the coolest part of the experience was being at a cocktail party in the sky… with other frequent fliers.  Things that are normally pretty mundane and low-key on usual flights become epic and competitive—like the In-Flight Trivia.

If you are interested in learning more about this event, more “hints” should be posted as we get closer to the event.  Keep an eye here for more information!

Please note, that with FTEF becoming a non-profit, you must be a member to buy a ticket on the next charter.  Luckily, membership is only $10.

Heels First with Captain Denny


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