Jeanne’s Thoughts During Frequent Traveler University

Keri and I attended Frequent Traveler University last week, and as usual, I compulsively tweeted the entire conference.  Since not everyone is on twitter, I try to recap events here afterwards.  I figured I’d try out using Storify to recap using the tweets from the event.  Let me know what you think of it, and if you prefer anything different.

If you want to keep track of me while I’m live-tweeting these events, my twitter account is Jeanne23.  I get teased for tweeting 24/7, and realized it was true when I live tweeted my own wedding.  Don’t worry, I calmed it down for the honeymoon.

A few thoughts about FTU before I get to the tweets.  First of all, Frequent Traveler University is a great way to jump into the world of miles and points. If you have been reading this blog and thought, I want to get started doing this kind of travel, it is a lot of information at once.  The next one is in September in Tampa, and we’re 75/25 on going, so you’ll probably see us there.

There’s two groups who go to FTU.  The first group is full of the people I just described–those looking to jump into miles and points.  The second group are the “die hards”.  People who have friends in the travel world, love discussing their latest point-exploits, and are looking for other people who don’t stare at them when they talk about mileage runs to Hawaii for four hours.

I tend to spend 75% of the time socializing, so I’m in that second category.  I don’t attend the introductory sessions, but really do enjoy attending the additional sessions, such as the one hosted by Chris Guillebeau, the author of The $100 Startup.

 My comments are from the sessions I attended, but I also included the comments of people at other sessions that I retweeted.  Also, there’s some photos of those who attended, and a picture of Keri’s “smell kit”–a box of wine scents to help you pick out those scents when wine tasting. 

We also shared some wine with friends, but I left those tweets out because I figured they aren’t applicable to everyone interested in this specific post’s content.

The fried pies are there as a testament to knowing people all over the country.  I love that Oklahoma treat and a friend graciously brought me them!






The check-in line to FTU



Keri is talking to Chris from Do It For the Points


Titan Limo–one of the sponsors.


Million Mile Secret’s Table was so crowded, I had trouble snapping this photo.  Check out their website, and their adorable logo!



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