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Kingdom Rush, an Epic Tower Defense Game, Now Free

One of my favorite iOS games has been Kingdom Rush–a tower defense game where you must protect villages from varying mythical creatures / fantasy characters. What I loved about this game was that the attacking hordes were so varied, you had to constantly think of how to upgrade towers for future types …

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The Best Way to Find Cheap (Good) Drinks

When I’m traveling around, I always love a good cocktail.  But when looking at the stretch of restaurants and bars before me, how do I know what option is the best? I use Happy Hour Anywhere. Available on both Droid and Apple This App uses your GPS location to identify exactly where you …

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Steep Discount on Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

A few weeks ago, I got a Kensington Key Folio on Amazon’s deal of the day.  I didn’t post about it because I hadn’t tried it yet so could not vouch for it. A similar model has come up on Amazon.com today marked down to $59.99 from Amazon’s usual price …

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Resources for Traveling Musicans

One thing I haven’t really brought up here is that I play piano and guitar.  It’s a fun hobby, but with work and travel, I don’t have as much time to memorize sheet music–but I can still read! But I manage to find myself in situations where friends and family …

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