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Avoid Fees on Airlines and How to Pass the Time in Flight

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I was recently contacted to give some tips to USA Today‘s Road Warrior Voices, and found my suggestions among a multitude of great suggestions. The first article was how to avoid fees when flying.  I focused on low-cost carriers, but the other bloggers explored different ways of avoiding fees on …

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Kingdom Rush, an Epic Tower Defense Game, Now Free

a screenshot of a video game

One of my favorite iOS games has been Kingdom Rush–a tower defense game where you must protect villages from varying mythical creatures / fantasy characters. What I loved about this game was that the attacking hordes were so varied, you had to constantly think of how to upgrade towers for future types …

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The Best Way to Find Cheap (Good) Drinks

When I’m traveling around, I always love a good cocktail.  But when looking at the stretch of restaurants and bars before me, how do I know what option is the best? I use Happy Hour Anywhere. Available on both Droid and Apple This App uses your GPS location to identify exactly where you …

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Steep Discount on Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

A few weeks ago, I got a Kensington Key Folio on Amazon’s deal of the day.  I didn’t post about it because I hadn’t tried it yet so could not vouch for it. A similar model has come up on Amazon.com today marked down to $59.99 from Amazon’s usual price …

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Resources for Traveling Musicans

a tablet with a music book

One thing I haven’t really brought up here is that I play piano and guitar.  It’s a fun hobby, but with work and travel, I don’t have as much time to memorize sheet music–but I can still read! But I manage to find myself in situations where friends and family …

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