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Check Out This Cool App that Visualizes Air Traffic

I always find myself mesmerized by the air traffic exhibit at the air and space museum.  It has planes, color coded by airline, flying across a radar map. They use various days as samples–including September 11, 2001.  (It is really eerie to watch air traffic suddenly stop). There’s an app …

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Pay $300 to Fly Pretend Pan Am First Class

In the world of things I never knew I wanted to do so badly up until this moment, you can fly a pretend Pan Am 747 First Class flight for $300 in Hollywood, California. As the name of the article I found this vintage photo in states, Traveling in a Boeing …

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Outdoor Movies About Airplanes and Flights Near DCA Next Year

Just a note that Crystal City, where you can find the airport hotels for Washington National Airport, will be showcasing movies about flights outdoors next summer. Crystal City always operates under a theme for their outdoor movie series.  I was delighted to see their theme this year, including films such …

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How Old is Your Plane?

George Hobica of Airfarewatchdog.com has a great article today on older airplanes. …the skies are full of older planes—DC-9s, 717s, early versions of the 757 and 767 and 737, to name a few. This is not to say that old planes are unsafe. That’s simply not true. But newer planes …

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Man Ends Up Lone Passenger On Plane After Delays

A confused passenger took a picture of his plane after he was the sole passenger to board.  It turns out his plane was delayed for hours, and while all the rest of the passengers asked to be re-booked on other flights, he was the lone-passenger to wait it out. Here’s …

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When Flights Become Frights!

At the request of some people at the MegaDO launch party, I’m posting a story I told when we were all talking about our weirdest travel experiences.  Feel free to post your own in the comments! When I was sixteen, I was in Buffalo for a sporting event I was …

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