How Old is Your Plane?

George Hobica of has a great article today on older airplanes.

…the skies are full of older planes—DC-9s, 717s, early versions of the 757 and 767 and 737, to name a few. This is not to say that old planes are unsafe. That’s simply not true. But newer planes usually offer better amenities, such as in-seat 110-volt power in all classes, seat back video monitors in all classes, larger overhead bins, and their interiors are just more pleasing to the eye—fewer nicks and scratches, worn carpets, that sort of thing.


He goes through how you can tell whether or not you are on an old plane, and lists 13 comprehensive ways of knowing (#13 is my favorite).
I have a certain nostalgia for older planes.  When I go through the Air and Space Museum in DC, I wish I could take to the air in some of the passenger planes on display.  Especially the ones that look like train cars.
Then again, I also like flying on Dash 8s, so…
My favorite seat on a Dash 8.
My favorite seat on a Dash 8.
What about you?  Older planes–an inconvenience, or a nostalgic trip through the sky?

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  1. I love the Dash 8 too. I takes aviation to a simpler time.

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