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Win Help With a Frustrating Task

a woman on the phone and looking at a computer

Tired of waiting on hold?  Got a newspaper subscription you’d love to cancel? Buried at the bottom of this post from early this morning is a way to win a free task to help you with your most annoying/frustrating tasks. Just go over to that link and tell your most frustrating …

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Babs Will Help You Save Money on Your Cable Bill for Free

Fancy Hands, aka my personal assistant Babs Callahan, has a promotion where they will try to negotiate a lower cable bill for you for free. I’m a huge fan of Fancy Hands.  I’m a monthly subscriber, and they’ve helped me save more money and time than I’ve spent on them. …

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Get Free Help with a Travel Woe

I was disappointed to see how many people through the comments, twitter, and on message boards had the same issue I had with Priority Pass Select. I’ve been using Fancy Hands aka Babs Callahan to take care of problems like this.  The few dollars a task costs me is worth …

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