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Ordering Groceries and Supplies on the Go

Sometimes it feels like I’m traveling for work more than I’m at home! At first, I started running out of essentials, came home to no groceries, and had to make late night toilet paper runs.  But I got myself into a routine that has really helped me stay on top …

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Travel Technology–Staying Connected While on the Road

What Travel Technology should you pack? ZDNet had an article on traveling smart with mobile gear.  I found the article interesting because his approach is different from mine but revolves around the same theme–thinking ahead so you can stay connected. My favorite tip is his cable stash.  I have been …

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How the Pros Do It: Travel Beauty Essentials

Oscar de la Renta’s PR Girl, Erika Bearman opened up her travel bag and showed the Huffington Post her beauty essentials for on the road.       I share her love of MAC mascara.  She also recommends Tatcha’s Dewey Skin mist, which I’ve tried and love, but it hasn’t …

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