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US Airways Clubs Take a Massive Downgrade on Alcohol

When I was excited about US Airways’ offering free liquor in the club, some people warned me not to get too excited because it was Gordon’s vodka.  Not exactly A+ brand. But in the US Airways Club today, I noticed Absolute on the shelf instead of Gordon’s.  Not too bad. But …

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The Best Way to Find Cheap (Good) Drinks

When I’m traveling around, I always love a good cocktail.  But when looking at the stretch of restaurants and bars before me, how do I know what option is the best? I use Happy Hour Anywhere. Available on both Droid and Apple This App uses your GPS location to identify exactly where you …

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Food and Wine Festival

Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Food and Wine Festival The second annual Food & Wine Festival is currently taking place at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and I had a chance to check it out. The Food & Wine Festival is happening until June 29th on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Samples start at $3 and …

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Maximizing Your Drinking Experience in the Air

A few things: Make sure you check in the right way as a Delta Elite to maximize the amount of free drinks you get     How Fancy Do You Go With In-Flight Cocktails?   Free drinks for non-upgraded Elite Platinums on American     Knowing about free drinks on …

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