New Diet Coke Dream Commercial is a Flight Attendant’s Nightmare

The new Diet Coke commercial involves a passenger having a day dream sequence on an airplane.

She day dreams everyone is drinking Diet Coke.

Here’s the ad:

diet coke in the airLovely, right?  Except those flight attendants are probably miserable.

Diet Coke fizzes up like crazy when pouring up in the air.  Mental Floss says you can pour three drinks in the air in the time it takes to pour a Diet Coke.

Which is fine if you can pour other drinks when the fizz is settling.  But if everyone were drinking it?!

Beverage service would end up taking three times as long.


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  1. Here is an idea – give the customer the entire can, unopened. What a concept!

    • The problem with giving the whole can out is we don’t have enough to give out…unlike in the dream commercial….but yes it would be a problem solver, that some flight attendants chose to do and others don’t.

  2. Ha ha, John, I was going to say the same thing. I usually ask for the can, so I can refill anyways… Problem solved 🙂

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