How Fancy Do You Go With In-Flight Cocktails?

In-flight cocktails are generally basic.  You have mixers and you have liquors, and you pair them one-to-one.  So you get your Jack and Ginger, or Cranberry and Vodka (hi, Jamison!), or Rum and Coke.

But sometimes, when I’m feeling fancy and the flight attendant in a playful mood, I will order a more complex drink.  Here are some cocktails you can make using what’s aboard the usual domestic flight.



Vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice with a lime.  Some people say it reminds them of a cosmo, but it really is a Sex on the Beach without the peach schnapps.

Ballpark food--get a vodka soda deliveredSuperjuice

Gin (I use vodka), orange juice, tonic water and lime.  This is sort of a screwdriver, but much more refreshing.  I can’t drink gin so I have no idea how that affects the taste.  Sometimes I replace the tonic water with club soda.

Apple Dapple

(Canadian) whiskey, apple juice, and a couple of lime wedges.  Squeeze as much of the juice in as you can.  It’s supposed to taste like a dessert with the same name, but I’ve never had it.

Whiskey Cobbler 

Whiskey, club soda, and a sugar packet.  Swirl with a swizzle stick and feel fancy.


I know, I know, this is a stretch, but it’s pretty tasty.  Rum, sprite, sugar packet, and lime wedges.  Mix together and imagine mint as you sip it.  It isn’t a real mojito without the mint, but it’s refreshing.

Jeanne Birthday CosmoSprite Cosmo

I haven’t had this one, but I know someone who swears by it as a mostly-cosmo.  US Airways has cosmos on flights, so I haven’t had to try to fake it.  Vodka, cranberry, sprite (or sprite zero), and lime.

If you are on a flight that scoops out ice cream, just saying–Baileys over ice cream is amazing.

I want to stress that you should only try these out if you develop a rapport with the flight attendant.  Don’t demand ridiculously fancy drinks if the flight attendant is busy, and please don’t order them by name.  Help them out and list the ingredients!

What do you order on the plane?

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  1. On a recent Malaysian Airlines flight I ordered a gin and tonic with a splash of contreau. Very good.

  2. I make a mudslide when I fly. 🙂 Most of the FAs have never seen one made inflight and get a kick out of it.

    I also made them on the StarMegaDO4.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Ooo, very nice. US Airways doesn’t have Kahlua, and I tried just Bailey’s and Vodka once, and well–I fell asleep really quickly!

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