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The Worst Film Scenes to Be an Airline Passenger In

IGN has a round up of clips from the worst flights to be a passenger on in movie history.  Check them out here! I was pleased to see that both Zero Hour! and its comedy child, Airplane!  both made the list. Check out the history of Zero Hour! and Airplane! here. The list includes situations ranging ...

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Airplane! Quote and Sound Effect Board

Much to the chagrin of everyone around me (sorry Keri!), I have discovered an Airplane! the Movie Quote and Sound Effect sound board.  <insert spit take sound effect here> Airplane! is the movie that almost wasn’t.  It was a spoof of a movie the directors accidentally saw.  For more information ...

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Spot a Beluga in Toulouse, France (in the sky!)

When Keri went to Alaska, she was very excited to spot a beluga whale in the sound.  But people in Toulouse, France are spotting a beluga in the sky. Behold, the Airbus 300:-600ST:   This oddly-shaped (and yet, adorable) plane is how other plane parts get to fly around. According ...

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Zero Hour!: The History of the Movie Airplane!

My husband recently hosted a Zero Hour! viewing party.  Many people know the lines from Airplane!, but most don’t know the lines were literally lifted from another movie–a serious movie! I recommend running a double-feature viewing party of Zero Hour! and Airplane!–but don’t show them in chronological order.  While Zero Hour! ...

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