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Airplane! Movie Quote Along with Props in the DC Area

Just a note that the Virginia branch of the Alamo Draft House will be doing three separate Airline! nights, complete with props.  Quoting along is highly encouraged. From the website: “You ever seen a grown man naked?” The Action Pack is proud to present an entirely different kind of screening: …

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An Airplane! / Zero Hour! Mashup That’s Amazing

I wrote before that the script of Airplane! was basically lifted directly from the movie, Zero Hour! My post today referencing Airport (another influence of Airplane!) inevitably lead me down a YouTube trail of clips and doom.  Well, minus the doom. And I came across this awesome video mashup of …

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Real Life: “Can you fly this plane, and land it?”

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley. According to USA Today’s Kim Wendel: A Jet Airways flight from Bangkok to Delhi had to make an emergency landing after the captain fell ill and, as a doctor was tending to him, another passenger was helping …

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Your Airplane! Quoting May Be Limited in the Future

I have some sad news to report--Netflix is planning on removing Airplane! from its list of avaliabile movies as of May 1st.  Leaving Netflix? What is it?! It’s a movie rental system that’s half-digital half-by-mail but that’s not important. Fear not though!  We at Le Chic Geek have some options …

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Mysterious Illness Takes Down Plane

People were tweeting earlier about a flight that suddenly descended at an incredibly fast rate.  We all assumed something mechanical happened.  Turned out something very strange was going on. According to NPR: Some passengers say part way into the flight, they started having trouble breathing, and felt dizzy and nauseous. …

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Airplane! Parody Within Sharknado 2

Some of you may know that I might have a slight obsession with the movie Sharknado. Okay, maybe a little bit more than”slight”. But I was nervous about Sharknado 2.  How could it ever live up to my expectations (or rather, live down to really low expectations?)  I was afraid it …

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Did These Flight Attendants Have the Fish or the Steak?

(I had the lasanga) Nine flight attendants fell ill on a US Airways flight from Italy headed towards the United States.  It ultimately had to divert to Dublin. While the flight attendants fell ill, none of the pilots or passengers did. The symptoms, reported by CNN, were: “nausea, running eyes …

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Airplane! is on BluRay for $5

I might be a little obsessed with Airplane!.   Might. So I was really excited to see the BluRay on Amazon for $5 today. How obsessed with Airplane! am I?  Check out these previous posts: Zero Hour!: The History of the Movie Airplane! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and “Striker” Reprise Roles from …

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