Strange Minor Bug with AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Numbers

Today, I received a message from US Airways about one of my reservations:

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I thought this was strange because, well, I fly US Airways a lot.  But I did have that reservation with two other people.  I thought I might have forgotten one person’s number.

Pulling up the reservation, I saw that every person had a number attached to their account.  One other girl and I had a Dividend Miles number attached to our name and the third girl had an  AAdvantage number.  So all people were accounted for.

Soon after, a coworker came into my office, concerned there was something wrong with his reservation.

He received an email from American Airlines asking him to set up an AAdvantage account since he had no number attached to his American Airlines reservation.  When I checked, his US Airways Dividend Miles number was attached just fine.  He was also a US Airways elite.

My guess is there’s a bug in both systems where the “reminder to register” emails do not check to see if someone has a frequent flier number from the other half of the merger.

I wouldn’t worry if you got that email though.  I went through both reservations pretty thoroughly (and even called about an upgrade on my flight) and didn’t find any issues.  It just seems to be a weird quirk where the email systems are totally unaware of the other program.

Did anyone else get an email like this when flying the airline opposite of the frequent flyer number they used?

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  1. While I have not had the same problem you describe, twice now when I have flown on an American airlines reservation with my American airlines account number in and a US airways flight I have had my number changed on the US airways flight to my US Airways number without my asking. They have changed it back when I check in and point this out, but I only noticed because I didn’t have priority boarding on US airways although I am Platnum on American. It is worth checking to see that their automated system doesn’t automatically choose to put in the wrong account number.

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