Still Time to Enter for Free In-Flight Internet plus Yesterday’s Travel Tips Winners

There’s still time to enter to win the free passes from Gogo Inflight Internet.  We are on the final 12 hours!

winter travelAnd over the weekend, I had a quick contest for the best travel tips.  The prize were my Gogo passes that expire on New Year’s Eve.

Here are the winners and their tips (Gogo codes have been emailed to them!)


“If you’re traveling with a companion but were unable to select 2 seats together at the time of booking, check again at 24 hours before departure. Previously unavailable seats often become available as a result of upgrades, cancellations, and other last-minute changes.”

Raymond N:

“Put a copy of your itinerary in your luggage…just in case it gets lost.”


“Research your backup flight options before going to the airport if there’s a chance of a cancellation. Also to avoid those long checking lines, just pack a carry on and put your boarding pass on your phone.”

Ozaer N.:

“Always check for local holidays & school schedules when planning a trip to another country. It could save you from crowded beaches, or closed markets.”

Ryan Fitz:

“Try to take early morning flights. This way if flights are delayed you are the first set of flights to be made up. Vs potentially having to fly out next day”

And because it’s the holidays, I’ve got one extra to give out.


“Always know the next available flight and be prepared to ask for it if any irregular operations (weather, mechanical, etc) occur. It will save you and the agent helping you lots of time, and hopefully get you a seat before someone else!

Also, don’t check anything in and save the airline’s reservation number on your phone!”


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