My Second Card: GO GIANTS! (The NFL Barclays)

The second credit card I applied to was an NFL Credit Card.  GO GIANTS!

I’m currently in New York, racking up minimum spend with that card.  But… why go for a NFL card?

The Barclay’s NFL Card is currently offering $400 cash back when you spend $2,500 in three months.  No annual fee.  Plus, you get to show off your favorite NFL team.  (If you don’t have a favorite NFL team, feel free to choose the Giants 😉 )

What does this specifically have to do with travel?  Nothing, other than you can get $2,500 worth of travel for $2,100!

I tried to go after this offer in November, but it was expired.  Back then, it was $400 cash back for $1,000 in spend.  I hesitated because I had just applied for a credit card, and I don’t want to churn TOO much.  (I am not currently in the market to buy a house, but it is something I would consider, so I’m keeping my credit cards to a safe amount).  But, as with all travel deals, you snooze, you lose! 

“Luckily,” my wedding expenses are high enough that this is a minimum spend I can hit, and get $400 off the entire cost.



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  1. Silver linings….

    • It has gotten to the point where the deal-finder in me is defeated, and I find myself saying things like, “Oh, JUST $200? I’ll take it!”

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