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My First Experience with UberEATS

UberEATS is a new service from Uber, the ride sharing service.  It’s basically an on-demand food delivery service that’s much easier than ordering takeout. From the website: UberEATS delivers food from your favorite local restaurants. With the new UberEATS app, you have access to a broader selection of restaurants and …

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Instantly Find Out Which Flights Are Upgradable When Booking

Sometimes when we are booking flights, we don’t just want to know what the cheapest flight is.  We also want to know what flights might be upgradable with miles or a RDU/other certificate. This isn’t immediately apparent, so you’ll need to research the fare class and other factors. Luckily, there’s …

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Don’t Believe Everything You See on Twitter

Earlier this month, I wrote about a photo circulating of kids “playing on their phones instead of looking at paintings in a famous museum”. Except they weren’t playing.  I wrote about how they were using the museum app to learn more about the painting they were just examining, and whoever …

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