Amazon’s Secret New “Mystery Product” to Arrive July 31st at Midnight

Word on the street is that Amazon is recruiting drivers to deliver a mystery product at midnight on July 31st.

No one knows what this product is, and July 31st is approaching pretty quickly.  However, since Amazon usually offers two-day shipping, my guess is they will release this product late next week (July 29th would be my guess) for immediate purchase.  They expect a huge demand at that moment, thus why they need so many drivers.

As for what the product is, there are some rumors.

brown paper packages tied up in strong

From AFTV News:

There have been rumors circulating of a tablet-like device with Alexa capabilities, and we’ve heard that Amazon is working on a device meant to live in the kitchen, so perhaps that is what will be revealed. Whatever this new product is, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance it will join the Alexa family of devices, considering how successful the Amazon Echo has been.

I have no idea myself, but I hope this is a product that is taking a revolutionary step up.  After all, why all the prep work otherwise?

I hopped on the Amazon Echo when it was dirt cheap and didn’t really do much yet (and to be honest, I didn’t understand what it was supposed to do).  Because of that, I felt like I got to be part of shaping what the Amazon Echo became, and it’s an item I use all the time.  

It’s so easy to yell to Alexa (one of Echo’s names) that you need more toilet paper. If you know what I mean.

I’m very interested and a bit excited.  The text above suggested it might be something for the kitchen.  I’m hoping it could be something for the car.

While I can use Siri in the car, she has never worked as well or as fast as Alexa.  If I can have Alexa take notes for me, answer questions, and queue up my groceries on AmazonFresh (not yet in my area), that would be revolutionary for me.

(Or even, Alexa, send Bob a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  Write Happy Birthday).

Or maybe I’m setting my expectations too high.

What do you think it is?

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  1. I think it is a new pilll that I have heard. You take it on your birthday and the next year you will be one year younger. The pill is good for five years and renewable only to those who keep up their prime accounnt.

  2. How many typos can you count in this piece. She could not write for a Jr. High School paper. “Drvers to delivery.”
    Missing parentheses.
    Anyone remember seeing such a poor writer?

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