This Service Will Proactively Notify You When You Qualify for Flight Compensation

I’ve written about an app that will help you figure out if you can get compensation for a flight delay/cancellation.

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However, with this app, you need to proactively ask about your flights (and remember to do it).

There’s a new app in town that will automatically check whether or not you qualify for compensation.

From their website:

Service Protect syncs with your email and creates a personalized dashboard of your purchases, making it easy to get help when you need it. Protect also detects qualified flight delays or cancelations and proactively offers to file cases for compensation.

I found out about this app through Tech Crunch.  They point out that this company can do much more than just flight compensation (it’s newest feature).

The startup acts as an intermediary between you and businesses where you’ve had bad experiences. So this means whenever your bags are lost by an airline or a restaurant ruins your meal, Service will interface with the business on your behalf to help make things right in the form of a refund, credit, etc.

The overall idea of this app is to cut down on the time you need to negotiate with customer service.

Basically, it’s a personal assistant without having to get a personal assistant.


Their current business model is to “build a brand” so everything is free right now.  From their website:  “There is none. We do like food and shelter and eventually will begin monetizing. For now, enjoy our high quality, easy-to-use service – and save yourself time and money.”

They won’t sell your information or profit off personal details (at least, at this moment).

This is only available on iOS right now.

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