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Does Uber Availability Influence Your Travel Decisions?

With all the craziness with Uber in France, I’ve started reflecting on how my travel patterns have begun to change thanks to Uber. For example, when visiting my parents, we’d have drinks in their house so no one would have to be a designated driver.  I’ve found I go out …

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Seconds from Pulling a Plane

I’m here at Delta, seconds from pulling this plane. Other teams have really gotten into this.   But what we lack in t-shirts, we make up for in heart. Though I did wear my Sharknado shirt. You can find our team fundraising page here. Pizza in Motion was matching donations …

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I’m Pulling a Plane Tomorrow for Charity

Pizza in Motion asked me to be on his team and pull an airplane tomorrow.  Yes, a literal airplane. Read his post for more context. But in this case, I don’t think he’d mind me copying and pasting some of it, since it’s for charity. The donations to the American …

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This App Will Automatically Track Your Travels For You

I used to track my travels on FourSquare and lamented the changes that basically made it useless. But there’s a new app out there called Polarsteps that will automatically track your travel routes–even without internet or GPS access.   It’ll connect your travel to your photos and build out a …

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Geek Priest’s Analysis of the Star Wars Trailer

Earlier, I posted a video of a priest reacting to seeing the Star Wars trailer for the first time. He also posted a video (after he watched the trailer “a hundred times) dissecting the trailer, the meaning, and hidden messages. He actually did a pretty darn good job.  (I feel …

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Will Flights Eventually Travel at Star Trek Speeds?

It appears NASA may have accidentally created a Warp Field. NASA was working on a high-tech thruster and when they sent some beams through, some traveled faster than the speed of light. This specific type of device uses a magnetic field to create the thrust. According to Mysterious Universe, the results of …

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