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The Most Epic Travel Agency Ad Ever

Thank you to Business Insider for linking to this amazing advertisement for a travel agency in Scotland. I’m not sure what I love more–the man doing a flip in the pink and black bicycle shorts who is supposed to be one of the women or the creepy Disney scene. I’m …

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There Are Things for Sale that are WORSE than Skymall

A while ago, I highlighted the most popular sale items on Skymall.  And the results were shocking. Squirrels-head-mounted-on-a-way-shocking.   But I found a site that highlights things for sale that are much, much worse than SkyMall. For example: For the person who enjoys cutting things apart and then connecting them …

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Hotel Fire—Well… THAT Happened

The official hotel for a conference I’m attending for work caught fire early this morning.  Well, caught makes it sound passive.  From all accounts I’ve been hearing, arson is suspected. This particular conference is cursed.  Last year, it was hit by a hurricane and cancelled last minute. With this conference, …

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How to Follow Our Travels

We’ve had a bunch of new readers lately, so I wanted to let everyone know the options to follow us. One of the easiest way to keep track of us is to subscribe to our newsletter–but we are also on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow @HeelsFirst Enter your Email: Or …

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Keeping “a breast” of Favorite Posts

One of the fun things about the contest we ran was seeing what people’s favorite posts were.  There was a common theme I noticed among some of them… Here are some of the posts linked to by entrants: How My Breasts Terrified a Farmers’ Market   Can You Smuggle Wine …

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