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The Top Posts on Heels First

Jeffsetter suggested we do a post highlighting the top posts on Heels First so far.  Which got me thinking, there are a few different ways to measure top posts.  There’s obviously the most read, but then there’s also the ones that have been shared the most socially.  And Google recommends …

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We’re Glad to Be Back

Remember that saying, don’t put all your server core switches in one basket? Four major hosting brands had their data centers in the same place and “something happened” during maintenance to that data center yesterday morning. Things appear stable as of 3:15pm Eastern today, but it has affected our ability …

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Do You Know the Way to Tuckahoe Inn?

Okay, so I’m childish, but my friends and I used to find the Tuckahoe Inn in Yonkers, NY, hysterical. Then the name got adjusted. Disappointing, but probably a good PR move for the inn. Still, I had good memories of my friends running around asking people “for directions”.  Do you …

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Pac Man Escapes, Almost Eats Airplane

From and the files of “you have to see it to believe it,” –the sun appears to be eating an airplane. This incredible image was taken by photographer Phillip Calais, snapping a picture of a solar eclipse. “Getting the aircraft in was purely a chance shot, nothing more,” Calais …

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