The One (Fictional) Place I’d Never Want to Visit

Cabot CoveWhen traveling to certain areas of the world, you need to be careful.  Murder rates and crime rates can be scary, and you must always be on guard.

But what murder rate frightens me the most?

That of Cabot Cove, Maine.

Cabot Cove is the residence of Jessica Fletcher and Murder She Wrote.

While watching a few episodes, I started wondering if Cabot Cove had the highest murder rate in the world.  Twelve seasons of murders…?

It’s been calculated that Cabot Cove has a murder rate of 86 per 1000; by comparison, the most murderous city in the world, Caracas, has a murder rate of 1.1 per 1000.

I can tell you, I will go any where in the world before I’ll set foot in that town!

Any other fictional towns scare you as a travel destination?


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    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      We don’t have a background color, we’re black text on a white background. You might have a problem with your browser.

  2. I remember thinking the same thing when Desperate Housewives was on. For a peaceful suburban street, Wisteria Lane sure had a lot of deaths (due to murders, suicides, or freak accidents)…

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