The Lufthansa Senators Lounge in Frankfurt

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We flew from Paris to Frankfurt and had a five hour layover.  We tried to kill some time in the Duty Free Shop, and ten minutes later, we still had 4 hours and 50 minutes to kill.  So we headed over to the Senators Lounge in Terminal 1, Z area.

The Senators Lounge is accessible with Star Gold status and a ticket on a Star Alliance Flight.  My US Airways club access only gets me into the Business Class Lounge, and my Business Class tickets got me into the Business Class Lounge too.

The first thing to know about this lounge is if you miss the sun and outdoors, they brought it to you:


This seemed cheesy until I walked around the front and saw you could recline out in front of the sun.  And suddenly… I… really… wanted… to.

I didn’t take a photo because there were people taking a few zzz’s, but I suddenly understood why the scene was there.


There was a great mobile charging station that I wish domestic lounges had more of.

And the food selections were much better than the Newark lounge.


There was a bread station where you could get custom spreads put on your sandwich.  I may have had *cough* three *cough* pretzels during our time in the lounge.  They are just a huge weak spot of mine.


There were sandwiches, yogurts, and mini salads with lots of toppings you can add.


And potato salads, pickles, radish salads, and other sides to add to it.


There were coffee stations scattered around with bottled still and sparkling water.


and there were plenty of spirits around–plus apelweis.

The lounge was almost completely full of business travelers, except for one family of four with an especially rambunctious son, who was seriously running around in circles screaming.

He was, until his mother brought him a glass of apple juice.

Wait, is that apple juice or is it…


Fifteen minutes later, the kid was out cold.  I’m not sure how legal this is in Frankfurt, but it did the trick?


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  1. I am commenting here for first time and your blog is interesting. In Jan 2014 on a connecting flight from FRANKFURT-BKK, I had 5 hour transit time in frankfurt airport and I had chase lounge card with me. I have never before been to any lounges and not to FRA airport. I had trouble finding the right lounge. I went in the senators lounge and was told it is not the one. After asking few airport employees, I found the SKY Lounge which accepted my chase lounge pass. I had to walk 10 mins and take a train to a different terminal.

  2. Does this lounge have showers and sleeping rooms as I’ll probably be stopping by for about 5 next next month.

  3. We’re flying into Frankfurt, 3hr layover and heading to paris. Love the posts!!! What lounges can we get into if we fly in on united global first tickets and business LH to paris? Be really nice to get a shower and a nice lounge.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      You can get into the Lufthansa business lounges which have showers and still a pretty nice selection with your LH to Paris tickets. But I’m pretty sure your United tickets can get you into the Senator’s lounge (it’s at least worth a try!)

  4. How crowded was this lounge? I was in FRA a few months ago and went to the business class lounge for LH and it was crowded the entire time!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I was in the Senator’s lounge and there was a number of people in seats, but it wasn’t difficult to get a seat, nor were they really moving from their chairs. Aside from the small child, it was a really calm lounge.

  5. United first in EWR, Thai first Paris, stopover in BKK, Thai biz to/from Perth. And back.

  6. United first in EWR, Thai first Paris, stopover in BKK, Thai biz to/from Perth. And back the same way.

  7. If you are *A gold you can get into the SEN lounges, otherwise it is just the business class lounges. Note that there are several of each at FRA. UA arriving I think can also get into the LH arrival lounge once in Schengen beyond Passport control. Exactly which SEN lounge were you in – in the new A pier or B?

  8. I’ve been to this one too and had the same (good) experience. It was not empty but there was enough space and it was spread out over a large area, so it does not seem crowded even when fairly full. The mobile charging stations were very cool – I was puzzled at first since I could not see a charging cable or outlet and then realized that it locked up your phone (safe!) in the drawer while it was charging.

    For those who want to use the showers, I recommend putting your name down as soon as you get there. While it didn’t look very crowded, I was still told there would be a half-hour wait (which was fine with me, so I didn’t press). They even give you all the amenities you’d need for the shower (toothpaste , toothbrush, shaving kit, comb etc) when you check in for the shower.

    Lot of fresh food and drink options (and German food & beers) and the pretzels… *yum* I know exactly what you mean!

  9. The luxx & sky lounge were too far away. I flew from ORD, had connection in Frankfurt and than to BKK. For LUXX, I was told I have to go thru security check which could have meant I needed german visa. I had difficulty finding the SKY lounge. I had to keep walking for 10 mins and than take a train to a different terminal. I mistakenly entered few other lounges are the senators. It was my first time.

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