Indiana Jones Bar Opening Up at Disney World

Giving me another reason to head down to Florida, Disney World has announced it will be opening an Indiana Jones themed bar in Downtown Disney.

Here’s a preview:

…just kidding.

(Oh God, Jeanne has referenced Crystal Skull and the Phantom Menace today, what’s going on?!)

Here’s the real preview from the Disney Parks website:

downtown disney

indiana jones bar

Even better–the entire facility will be aviation themed.

It’s name?  Jock Lindsey’s.  Indiana Jones’ pilot.

jock lindsey

Thrillist rightfully points out that they could have named the bar after the Raven, where badass Marion Ravenwood ran the show.

But this is a nice runner up–especially given all the flight references they’ll have within it.

The place will have vintage travel posters and random antique (looking) plane parts hanging around.

They’ll even have a steamboat outside after Jock’s snake, Reggie (snakes.  why’d it have to be snakes.), where you can enjoy a drink outdoors.

It’s going to open this fall.  I’m tempted to fly down right when it opens to check out.  Feel free to enable me.  Should I?

While I love Downtown Disney, it has lacked a lot of the movie magic that the other parks have in terms of its restaurants.  The most “magical” of the restaurants I’ve seen is Rainforest Cafe–a place not unique to Downtown Disney.

I’m not complaining about the options.  I love Raglan Road (as well as their house band, the Brayzen Heads).

But this is Downtown Disney’s chance to really bring the magic to Lake Buena Vista.  And I’m pretty excited.

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