How You Can Be an Elite in Vegas: Huge News for People Who Love Vegas–and the Bellagio or Mandalay Bay or the Mirage or…

Hack My Trick has a really cool infograph up right now detailing Hyatt’s partnership with MLife–the owner of many hotels in Vegas.

Basically, elite status for Hyatt becomes elite status for MLife in Vegas and vice versa.

On the roof of Mandalay Bay
My sister and I on the roof of the Mandalay Bay.

The great thing about this is it makes elite status in Vegas really easy to get.  You can apply for the Chase Hyatt Visa which matches to M life Gold, and –BAM– status.

But why should you care about M life status overall?  I’ve seen posts about how you can spend and earn points there that are incredibly useful.  I recommend checking out Mommy Point’s post on this–especially since she might love Vegas even more than I do! ;D

But how tangible are the benefits you get with M life?  Will it change your experience in Vegas?  YES.

Here are some of the benefits of Gold in context:

Priority Check-in Line & Priority Early Check-in/Late Check-out

This benefit probably hasn’t meant much to you as a Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, etc. elite.  It has probably saved you a few minutes and made you feel a little special.  But this means so much more in Vegas.

Many flights from the East Coast arrive at generally the same time.  Ever see the front desk rush in Hawaii when all the flights from the main island arrive?  It’s worse than that.  There are many more rooms in the resorts and the rush is much worse.

Here’s a picture someone staying at the Mandalay Bay posted on Flicker of the line:

The Check In Line to the Mandalay Bay

I’ve often seen it this long before.  This benefit seriously gives you an hour of your life back, plus prevents the general aggrevation and exhaustion waiting on line gives you.  (Plus, a lot of people go to Vegas who do not have waiting in line as a cultural norm–I am not kidding–and will try to cut in front of you.)

Special Access to Nightclubs and Pool Day Clubs for You and a Guest.

I’ve seen some jokes about this benefit on Vegas message boards before, but it is a great benefit if you do go to the night clubs.  The lines to the clubs tend to wrap around for a while (notice, lines will be a theme in this post), and even after waiting on line, you can’t always get in.  If the club starts getting too full with men, they will sometimes not let them get in without being accompanied by women.  (I’ve had gentlemen offer my friends and I a round of drinks just to walk in with them before.  We accompanied them and didn’t take the drinks, because the policy feels unfair from a female standpoint 😉 )

This gets you  on a list that lets you skip the life.  I’ve had friends who had issues with this because the hotels don’t always communicate the best between each other, so I would see the concierge at the hotel with the club you want to go to, just to confirm.

Show Seating Upgrade at Select MGM Resorts Shows

Get upgraded to better seats at cultural, educational, and unique shows.

vegas theater

Erm, moving on

Buffet Line Pass

The lines can get really long at the buffets, especially if you go at a time that’s halfway between two meal times.  (People will try to get into lunch at breakfast’s costs by going in right before lunch starts).

The M life hotels haven’t been the worst offenders with lines in this regard, but that just means they aren’t quite as terrible.  I’ve aged in the Rio line for a while, and Paris’ buffet gets crazy.

But the Champagne Brunches as the MGM hotel properties (which I’ve actually found really reasonable for Vegas) can get pretty crowded.  I understand why–people don’t get up as quickly when they have unlimited mimosas in Vegas!

New York New York
In New York-New York

What You Shouldn’t Get Excited About

Room Upgrade (subject to availability)

These probably aren’t the room upgrades you are used to from your elite status at hotel chains.  You may get upgraded from a slanted room to a regular room in Luxor, but I did that without status just by asking.

The best upgrades I’ve ever gotten have been by slipping $20, simply put.  You are not going to end up in a suite by being Gold.  You might by being slightly generous.

I love Vegas, and these benefits will only make your stay better.  I’m going to match into Platinum which has even more perks I’m excited about (especially skipping the line for taxi and valet), but I’ll go into that later.


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  1. Did you really slip a $20 for an upgrade? How did you go about doing that?

    Also, have you tried the Aria and Cosmopolitan (marriott) hotels? fantastic rooms

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yes. That’s actually a good question because they aren’t really supposed to take the money for an upgrade (though I think a lot of places let it slide). Before I check in, I fold up a $20 with the $20 clearly showing so that it fits under my credit card. I say I’m checking in and smile, and ask if there are any complimentary upgrades available, with the credit card tipped up enough that the bill is obvious, but isn’t obvious to cameras. I then hand them the card, thus handing them the bill.

      I haven’t yet, but my friends love it. I am probably staying at the Cosmo early next year.

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