Great Mexican Food Right By the DFW Airport

During the Frequent Traveler University, Tiff and I decided to give up on hotel food one night and go out for some food with our husbands.

We checked out Mi Dia, which is about a mile from the airport.

When we entered, we saw people getting table side guacamole and I requested begged for table side guac too.  So we ordered it when we sat down.

The waiter asked us what we wanted in it and after a brief discussion about how I’m a baby* about jalapenos, we just decided to say “everything”.

Without looking at the menu.

And this is what we got:


Bacon and guacamole?!

This could have gone really badly or really well.  And it was amazing.

I couldn’t stop eating it.

I also ordered the shrimp tacos which turned out to be jumbo shrimp.

shrimp tacos

I rarely ever eat until I’m stuffed, and I did here.

The drinks were also pretty reasonably priced.  There were really fancy cocktails for around $12, but my strawberry margarita was fresh, large, and about $8.

They also had Earl Grey Tea, but instead of hot, it was served over a Japanese Ice Cube.

2015-04-19 19.52.04


There was outdoor seating, though we did not want to wait long enough to sit out there.  It ended up being a good call because the Texas weather changed suddenly and the wind picked up.

But the interior was really nice too.


Mi Dia also has a large selection of gluten-free and vegetarian options.

*title of baby was self-imposed

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  1. Sounds like a cool place. I’ll see if I can give this place a try when I’m in Dallas (really not, I’m just staying by the airport) in 2 weeks.

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