How to Find Accurate Flight Status for US Airways

Back in October, I decided I was ready to settle down with an airline. I didn’t really care which airline it was overall. I just wanted convenience, great status benefits, and an easy way of getting it. I originally had my eye on American Airlines for status. I flew them a few times already and they have many flights out of Washington-Reagan (DCA). But I began to waver when I saw US Airways Trial Preferred Program. For just $200, I could start with Silver Preferred Status and earn it with just 7,500 miles. I was already planning on flying more than that amount, so I had that in the bag.One frustrating thing about US Airways’ website is the flight status page.  Very often, it uses gate push back as the “time of departure” and estimates the landing time based on that.

My husband was supposed to leave for DCA at 5pm.  His flight pushed back, but then there was a stop put on flights going to DCA.  So they sat out there.

I last spoke to him at 5:45 then got caught up in work items.  By 6:00, I couldn’t contact him and figured he departed.

When I pulled up US Airway’s website, it said he departed at 5:00 and was landing at 6:20pm.  This was impossible, unless they’ve really made huge advances in air travel that I missed.

I wasn’t sure what to do and Tiff told me to check out the American Airlines website instead.  She’s brilliant because the American Airlines website tends to be less broken than US Airways.

Sure enough, there was a take-off time after 6pm and a landing time that seemed more accurate.  I drove to the airport in anticipation of the time American Airlines said, and sure enough, he landed right around then.

One of thing things I can’t wait for post-merger is using American Airlines’ technology.

After all, with the US Airways site, you could unknowingly book the wrong flight time–and never be told!

And if you don’t like your options to move your flight during a weather advisory, just refresh the page.


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