The Easiest Way to Check a Case of Wine

I’ve placed wine in my checked luggage using the wine diaper.  I even tried pouring an entire bottle out, and my luggage was unscathed.

But what about transporting a case of wine?  I found a cheap way of doing it with some items intended to help with moving.  While it worked, the wine was heavy and I couldn’t get it to stop rocking while I walked.

But I think I found my ultimate solution.

The Wine Check:

Wine Check

Keri and I were out in Napa and Sonoma and were enjoying the wines out there and needed a way to bring them back.

Cue dramatic re-enactment of enjoying wine out in Sonoma:

Wine Check Wine Transport

Dramatic enough?

I packed my twelve bottles of wine into the Wine Check.

Wine Check Wine Transport

It basically has a wine shipper inside of it but the top half of the shipper is more snug than a usual wine shipper.

Wine Check Wine Transport

I packed in ten bottles of regular sized wine and two bottles of 375 ml dessert wine wrapped in tissue paper.

The results?

Wine Check Wine Transport

Twelve bottles are barely disturbed wine.  The dessert wines held up really well, which were the ones I was most worried about.

The Wine Check pulls along on wheels.  I had trouble pulling it at first and then I realized I should be pulling it along with the longer strap instead of the short strap.  Then it pulled along really easily.

The Wine Check goes for about $88, but if you have a plethora of wine shippers, you can get the Wine Check itself sans shipper for $75.

The only problem is that once we were done tasting all of our wines, we wished we had two wine checks.

Wine Check Wine Transport

Alas, we had to leave a bottle behind.  We donated it to Delta Diva.  Such is life.

Disclaimer: If you purchase items through my Amazon links, I will receive a small affiliate credit.  Be warned, I’ll probably blow it all on more wine.  Let that be on your conscience.


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  1. We have checked several cases of wine (from CA and OR to NC) over the past few years and we have never had a problem with breakage. Our secret? We ask at the wineries if they have shippers available when we plan to buy a few bottles. On our last trip to Oregon, only one of four places charged us for the shipper (and even then it was only $6 for the box and inserts). This way we don’t have to check boxes TO our destination, only on the way back. Worst case scenario we can hit up a local UPS for bottle shippers. We also pack a sharpie and packing tape for sealing and marking the boxes for the trip home.

    I should mention that we are platinum on AA, so we can each check two bags for free which makes this method totally worth it.

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