Don’t Dual-Wield Your Heels Through Security

While they are a +1 to your fashionability, these shoes will definitely raise your suspicion levels at a TSA check-point…

From Lee Moran at the New York Daily News:


These shoes were confiscated off a passenger trying to get through security in La Guardia.  While these sexy heels don’t actually fire, they were both a misfire for airport wear and the summer season.  I recommend keeping your gun shaped shoes out of the airport, and to wear them more in the fall season.  And keep them away from schools.  And government buildings.  And museums.  And sports ar— you know what.  Maybe you shouldn’t wear those at all.

These shoes were tweeted by a TSA official after being confiscated.


Usually TSA’s messages about “what not to bring on board” annoy me.  They’ll focus on items that are not potentially dangerous and their write-ups usually have a holier than thou tone to them.  In fact, their top ten “good catches” from 2011 involved a kids science project.

Yes, a kid’s harmless science project was listed as a top-ten good catch from 2011.  How is this possible?  It shut down a security line, was found to be harmless, and this is a catch the TSA is bragging about?


(I’m all for bringing up that this can look like a bomb, but how can  you call a device that turns out to be harmless one of the ten best catches of an organization who is there to protect us from real danger)

But in this case, I’m more sympathetic to the TSA and less to the now shoe-less passenger (speaking of that, I wonder if she was able to find shoes in La Guardia).

Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the Spy Museum and watching old Bond movies,–But if a tube of lipstick can be a weapon, I’m going to be pretty nervous watching someone walking around the airport perched on a pair of guns.

(My favorite spy accessory is still Anna Chapman’s purse)


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