How to Travel More Lightly

Deborah Jacobs at Forbes Magazine has a great article today on how to travel lighter.

The two I follow religiously:

4. Be a minimalist with toiletries

9. Wear the bulkiest items in transit

The one I need to learn to do:

3. Bring ample footwear. Shoes are the non-negotiable essentials, and take up the most room in your suitcase. So without going overboard, figure out what’s appropriate for the activities you have planned.

(I brought three pairs of shoes on my 7-hour trip to Pensacola.  I need a shoe-tervention)SAM_0710

There’s plenty of reasons for traveling lightly.

It is much easier to get around with light luggage for starters.  But traveling light can also help you on low-cost airlines.  Even having a bulky carry-on can hit you with fees on Spirit.

But the huge thing I value is flexibility.  I had three flights in the last week and I had the ability to move-up to an earlier flight last second.  Except I had checked luggage.

I am so used to packing just a carry-on and hopping from flight to flight that I never knew how much I valued being able to change flights last second until I couldn’t.

Sure, I could get there sooner, but I’d be waiting a while for my checked bag to show up on my original flight.  And I’d rather hang out in the lounge than in baggage claim! 😉

What about you?  What tips do you have for packing lightly?  OR, do you refuse to pack lightly and what’s your kryptonite? (Do you also take twelve pairs of shoes on a weekend trip? 😀 )


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  1. I always keep a 311 bag of toiletries (mostly one ounce bottles from hotels that will last several days) filled and ready to go. At first I thought it was an annoying rule, but it has changed my packing habits for the better. Even if I want to go on a short road trip for the weekend, I can grab it and go.

  2. That is what I always do too, wear the bulkiest outfit, that include shoes, which in almost all cases, I have sneaker on, casual one and a pair of slipper on my suitcase. It is all important for me to keep things light for two reasons. (1) Cheap airliner charges additional fee for luggage, so much possible I have to be able to life with 7 kilos allowed cabin luggage. (2) I hate to waste my time attending conveyor belts to wait for my luggage.

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