Contests Galore! Upgrade to First Class, Free GoGo Passes, and get an iPad

There are so many great contests going on right now!  I may be partial though, because one of the ones I’m mentioning, Keri posted yesterday 😉

Free First Class Upgrades and $100 Gift Card to Hyatt   

If you’ve entered already, remember you get another entry per day by tweeting about the promo.  Our partner-in-crime, Scott at Hack My Trip, has an awesome post laying out what you can do with these prizes and some tips about them.

But these aren’t the only giveaways going on. Check out these great contests I just entered:

Win an American Airlines Club Pass and Free Internet on Your Next Flight!

Win an iPad from Gogo Inflight Internet

EDIT: The iPad contest ended pretty quickly after this posted.  Sorry guys!  I had just entered minutes before.

In-flight wifi has seriously changed my ability to amp up my travel.  Instead of spending five hours disconnected from society, I have five very focused working hours.

And is an iPad useful?

Well, you can use it for productive purposes, but I am also very partial to the games 😉


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  1. Thank you, entered all of the contests (with the exception of the iPad, it was gone!)

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