Foursquare Checkin has Another Use

Foursquare Checkin is great for recording where you’ve been, finding new places, and connecting with other people while out.  But tonight, as the fire alarm bells rang at 1:30am, I found a new use of the Foursquare checkin app.

It was pretty obvious someone’s incense had burned over, so I wasn’t too nervous about my apartment’s health.  But since there was smoke, I was afraid it was going to be a long night.  It was 1:30am in an urban setting so I knew some of my friends were awake, but I didn’t know who.  And I wasn’t going to start texting people at random.

Then I loaded up my foursquare checkin app:

Foursquare Checkin app can show your nearby friends

There’s an option to only see nearby friends.  I was able to quickly see who was still awake so if we didn’t get let back in soon, I could send a sheepish “can I hang out with you?” text. 

After about twenty minutes, they determined the source of the smoke and let us back in.  But it was great to know my options pretty quickly just in case.

 On a side note, I am a huge fan of the explore option on the foursquare checkin app too.  I’ve found new places around me that my friends have previously visited.  And foursquare occasionally reminds me when I’ve already been somewhere before, which sometimes evokes a memory of a good experience and sometimes a not-so-good experience.


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