Barrel Oak Winery for Great Views and Dog Friendly Picnics

I headed to Barrel Oak Winery with my friend, Emily.  It’s in Northern Virginia about 40 miles from DC.

Barrel Oak is great because it has an expansive outdoor space and lets you bring your own picnic baskets with you.

They also let you do a half tasting for $7 or a full tasting for $11.

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The grounds are huge and are great for tossing the football with your friends or playing ball with your dogs.

2015-05-03 18.03.39

The wines are good but not outstanding, but are priced in a way that makes it a great outing.

I buy some for myself too in general.  But I don’t order a lot of it.

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But the huge draw is spending time at the winery, doing a tasting, having a bottle with a picnic and spending hours there.

And there’s plenty of room to linger, so you won’t feel bad about it either.

They are also open to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays in warm months.

There were a lot of people there when we went, but we were able to get a table just fine.

There was a wood pizza truck selling pies for around $11.  I got the margarita, and it was fantastic.

I also got some warm crusty bread and warm brie, which was about $15 in total.

It just made for a great late afternoon in Northern Virginia.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Barrel Oak. It’s a great location, but their wine leaves a lot to be desired. My favorite wineries are Otium Cellars in Purceville and Leaves of Grass in Middleburg. Both have an amazing winery, good wines, and a much more personalized experience (and are uber dog friendly).

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