Amazon, I’m Suspicious of the Discount I’m Getting On this…

I was searching Amazon for wine accessories, and came across this amazing deal.  (Text needs a sarcasm font).


I’m a bit suspicious of this deal…

In more seriousness, the wine glass markers I have gone with (that I’ve gotten compliments on) are these flower markers:


Their discount isn’t quite as steep–marked down to $8 from $10.  Part of me feels like I didn’t get as much of a deal as I could have gotten if I bought the first set!

Disclosure:  If you purchase items using my Amazon link, I will receive a small percentage and appreciate your support.  But if you buy those wine glass markers at full price, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. (meta disclosure: If I sell you a bridge in Brooklyn, there’s a chance I could get affiliate credit for that.  I appreciate your support and gullibility.)


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  1. You chose… wisely. =)

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