Which Airline Hires the Most People Already Trained to Save Your Life?

As I wrote before, the image of what a flight attendant is and what the flight attendant’s role is has changed over the last fifty or so years.

And one airline is really taking the “we are primarily here for your safety” thing seriously.

CBS News reports that JetBlue hires more first-responders as flight attendants than any other airline.

“They’re great at altitude and if you’re start talking about decisions at 35,000 feet, it’s nice to have 20 years plus worth of experience fighting fires or whatever the case might be to make that decision,” JetBlue CEO David Barger said.

Even though not everyone dreams of becoming a flight attendant, Barger thinks that might change.

“It’s a natural transition for those who want to remain in New York and many of them will say ‘hey, listen, we’re part of a close-knit family at this fire department, and we’re part of a close-knit family at JetBlue as well,'” Barger said.

I could imagine for the first-responders, going from a physically-demanding position on the group to working in a small space on a plane may be a tough transition.

What are your thoughts on hiring from that pool of talent?


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  1. My MIL was a flight attendant and she saved a kid who was drowning in a pool because of the first aid and CPR training she had received as a flight attendant. That was in the 70s; I’d be interested to see how the training has evolved since then.

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