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Passengers on United Flight Heard Pop, Oxygen Masks Dropped, Plane Descended 26,000 Feet

There is more information out there on the United Flight that lost cabin pressure thanks to some passengers on it.

Losing cabin pressure is a rare and dangerous occurrence on flights.  United hasn’t made a statement about what happened on that flight, but its passengers have.

News-Leader has the scoop.

From the article:

Temple, 31, a Loveland, Colorado, resident who flies about six times a month for her job as an events coordinator, said she had just returned to her seat after a trip to the bathroom when she heard the pop and felt “some type of shift.” Then she felt pressure in her head, and the oxygen masks dropped down.

Temple tried to remember the instructions for what to do in an emergency that she had heard so many times before. There was no announcement about what was going on. Temple wasn’t sure at first if the plane was climbing higher or descending.

Looking through the window, Temple realized that the plane was descending — rapidly. She closed her eyes.

Scary stuff.

It does sound like the passengers were ridiculously calm through the whole thing.


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  1. Passengers were probably calm because of the pressure involved. Some people were probably knocked out. I know I’d have ear issues if the plane descended that quickly!

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