JetBlue Kicks Passenger Off Flight for Tweeting About Delays

A man got kicked off Easy Jet for tweeting about their treatment of someone coming back from war.  But that was Easy Jet.

JetBlue seems to be one of those airlines that can do no wrong.  Until now.

A passenger was covering another passenger’s interaction with the pilot.  The passenger was joking about the pilot being drunk so the Twitter-Junkie posted a play-by-play.

Sorta like what I would do.

I mean the tweeting.  Hopefully not getting kicked off a plane.

According to Mashable:

 “We had been waiting an hour, so there was a joke by another passenger, that it’d been a long night and he hoped there was a fully-stocked bar on the airplane,†Carter-Knight told a local ABC television station. “And the pilot immediately ran out and said, ‘That’s it, everybody back up at the gate. I’ve been accused of being intoxicated.’”

She tweeted about the back and forth between the pilot and passengers who accused the pilot of being drunk. When it finally was time to get back on the plane, Carter-Knight was denied boarding.

Read for the rest of the account.

Maaaaybe I should curb my tweeting a little so I don’t get kicked off a future flight.

Edit: JetBlue has denied it was because of tweeting and here is a link to CNN’s coverage.  They have issued a statement that she was removed for “unruly” behavior, but Ms. Carter-Knight also claims they would not tell her what that behavior was.

Here’s her original-original tweet:


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  1. Did you even bother to get JetBlue’s statement on the issue? Or is click-bait your thing? Most other outlets have bothered to update the report with the other half of the story in the several hours it has been public.

    Lots of people were tweeting about it. Only one was denied boarding. There’s probably more to the story than just their claim.

  2. Right. And did you read it all the way to the end??

    “The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly,” Young said. “If we feel a customer is not complying with safety instructions, exhibits objectionable behavior or causes conflict at the gate or on the aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane or will be denied boarding especially if the crew feels the situation runs the risk of accelerating in the air.

    And there are plenty of other, responsible outlets who have come around and updated their headlines and content to reflect the reality of the situation. But, by all means, continue to claim that the passenger was booted for tweeting. I’m sure the clicks are worth it.

  3. WA
    I have an idea for you, as another featured blogger on BA, why don’t you email her with your comments? Instead of being a public arse, why don’t you encourage your fellow writers behind the curtain?

  4. @captain

    Because he’s frustrated that all these new bloggers are taking away his clicks. He’s probably not doing nearly as good as in the past.

    That’s what he gets for not staying on top of his game.

    I agree, he should of emailed her privately. Instead of blasting the Vienna Sausage toe girls in public.

  5. LOL! Your other half recently posted a picture of her hideous toes by the pool and they look like Vienna sausages in the can.

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