5% off Online Shopping with Discover® Card!

From October through December, enjoy 5% Cashback on ALL online purchases, up to $1,500 (total).  This is a great deal if you do most of your shopping online, and can be combined with many other point earning opportunities since you do not need to go through a portal to do this.  And even though we love points, sometimes cashback IS your best option.

In fact, I believe you can combine this with the ShopDiscover Mall to maximize your payout.  For example, Groupon is still giving 15% Cashback when you click through the ShopDiscover Mall, but the purchase is also “online shopping”.  I didn’t see anything in the terms and conditions that prevents this.

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You can also use this in combination with your favorite non-discover portal.  If you look up a store and you find out you can get 10 Priority Club Points per dollar, go through the Priority Club Shopping Portal for 10 points per dollar AND 5% cashback.

Points and dollars, I love it!

Please remember for these 5% Cashback opportunities, you must register your card on the website by logging in, clicking on “5% Cashback,” and then by clicking on Sign Up for each of the earning periods.

Much of my online shopping is going to switch to the Discover® More Card during this time period–at least until I hit the $1,500 maximum spend for the deal.


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