30 Days for DC Nets Us a Beach Day

US Airways’ 30 Days for DC has had some surprises for some lucky people. And thanks to it, Keri and I are spending the day at the beach in the South for the same price it would cost us to bus to the nearby Rehoboth Beach.

For someone who flies out of DCA constantly, I’ve had a surprising number of near misses and no bites with these deals–until now.  I decided to fly out of PHL the day they ended up offering Georgetown Cupcakes in the DCA airport.  A flight with a DCA stop got rerouted through PHL the day they offered 50,000 US Airways miles to two people in the DCA airport.

I was pretty absorbed in a project at work when I took a breather and saw a tweet about $30 fares to many locations from DCA that expired at 4pm.  It was a few minutes until 4!

I quickly checked flights and the destination and date I wanted were the only fares I could find available.  Phew!

Since you have 24 hours to cancel fares, I used my “book first, think later” tactic, and informed Keri of the trip we were going on WHILE I was booking it.

Luckily, we both ended up being free.  And prepare the sunblock, (which we forgot on one trip) we’re going to the beach!

a group of people on a beach


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