Woman Discovers Two-Way Mirror in Toilet

Here’s something I’ve never been paranoid about before, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop being paranoid about again.

Comedian “Tamale Rocks” is a cautious traveler.  When she saw there was a full-length mirror directly facing the toilet in one of the venues she traveled to, she thought to ask why.

I can honestly say I went pale while watching this video and felt my stomach sink.

As a woman traveler who travels alone often, this is the stuff of my nightmares.  So much so, my hands are shaking as I’m trying to type this post.

I’ve read about hidden cameras in hotel rooms and remember a special on TV when I was little warning travelers about them.

But I’ve always filed that in the “isn’t something that would happen to me” bucket in my mind and have lived my life believing these are things-that-wouldn’t-happen.

But after reading Jezebel’s interview with the owner, who gets defensive by saying “Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us?”, I feel completely chilled to the bone.

Hat tip to this Reddit post for originally directing me to this video.


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  1. wouldn’t a two way mirror be a window ?

  2. The police should confiscate their phones, probably some incriminating evidence…

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