This Will Turn Your Smart Phone into a Gameboy (cartridges and all!)

I’m really nostalgic for old games and play them pretty frequently.  I mostly loved my NES emulators but hated them when they would suddenly crash, oh, let’s say, towards the ending of a Boy and His Blob (and whenever I did things that tended to be in-game Easter eggs).

There’s something about Gameboy emulators that hasn’t been quite as satisfying.  I’ve always thought that it doesn’t feel right, and this new product helps me understand why I feel that way.  The Gameboy wasn’t meant to be played on a TV-like screen, and was made to be held pretty close to your face.

There’s just something about curling up with a Gameboy.

Hyperkin has been in the classic console nostalgia business for a while, but originally released the “Smart Boy” as an April Fools Joke.  But just like ThinkGeek does, they were market testing the concept to see how much of a demand there was for a crazy product like this.


Your smart phone (Android only right now) will plug into the device and act as the screen.  But you can also insert old cartridges into the device.  That’s amazing.

Check it out in action here:

According to GizMag, the Smart Boy is being released only to developers at first.  They are hoping other developers can improve the firmware and are offering a bounty to anyone who offers significant improvement.  Check out the rest of those details here.

I miss my Game Boy.  I used to play it all the time with my brother.  And while co-op was technically possible, it was incredibly difficult to set up on Game Boy, so we’d patiently take turns as we switched off level-to-level.

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  2. Wouldn’t it just be easier and likely cheaper to just buy a used gameboy?

  3. I would just love a way to play the N64 Goldeneye and Pilotwings.

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